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THIS WEEK IN HORIZON (May 24 – 27, 2016)
Kevin C. Garinger – Director of Education

What an enjoyable weekend of weather we have experienced. Summer is right around the corner but the weather has certainly left us believing it’s already here. With graduations taking place on Friday and Saturday, I’m thankful our students, staffs, parents and communities have been blessed with temperatures that serve to make the ceremonies more enjoyable for all. This weather has also been tremendous for our farmers and I know that it has helped our agriculture community “finish strong” as they get the seed in the ground and prepare for the impending growth of crops that will sustain our nation and even our world. As farmers near the end of seeding, they know that if they don’t continue with the high expectations they place on themselves right to the last seed is in the ground, it will most assuredly have a negative impact on their fall crop. I was driving home from Ituna’s grad late Friday night and observed a farmer still in the field. The care and conviction in which he was operating his equipment and ensuring the seed was strategically placed in the ground was simply inspiring. I was reminded, due to this high degree of effort, that the same focus on finishing strong is necessary in classrooms across Horizon. The messages we learn from our noble agricultural partners is one that equally as critical for our students and staff as they near the end of the “learning season”. Graduation at this time of the year, although inspiring, does not yet signify the end of learning. Our grade 12 students will need to keep their focus, keep behind the wheel of the tractor, as finishing now with still a month remaining in their courses, will lead to a less than desirable “crop” of grades. Knowing our students may experience summer slide, our staff continues with their high expectations for their children to finish strong so their efforts will lead to continued desires to read throughout the heat of the “growing” season. The tremendous results in our literacy, assessment and safe and caring goals experienced in Horizon over the last year are clearly related to beliefs and values of educators, parents and students who are willing to ensure the last seed, the hard work and effort needed for success, has been strategically and earnestly placed in the only piece of soil it could to grow.


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